What Makes A Good CBD Product?

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How can you tell if you’re purchasing a premium CBD product?

CBD has a lot of potential as a natural treatment for a variety of different conditions, but the CBD industry is a rapidly growing sector, and not everyone is in it for the right reasons. 

Since the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing the production of hemp and hemp products, we have seen a variety of different CBD products and companies enter the market in a short amount of time.

Below are some of the things that you should be looking out for to ensure that you’re buying premium, high-quality CBD oil

Here are five different ways that you can identify good CBD products:

  1. How It’s Made – There are a variety of different methods that are used to extract cannabidiol (CBD). One of the safest and most efficient ways that CBD can be extracted is through Supercritical CO2 Extraction. In this process, there are no solvents used and it’s one of the most efficient ways to get pure CBD.
  1. The Source of The Plants – Plants that are grown in the United States have to adhere to strict quality controls through all stages of growth, from cultivation to extraction. Hemp plants which are grown in low-quality soils without strict monitoring can absorb toxins and heavy metals in the soil. Always look for CBD products that are made from hemp that is grown in the United States utilizing eco-friendly and sustainable farming practices. 
  1. No THC – CBD oils shouldn’t contain high levels of THC. Most CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC. The reason manufacturers use hemp over marijuana plants is that hemp plants are naturally low in THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the cannabinoid responsible for the psychoactive high many people experience when they consume marijuana products. 
  1. Full-Spectrum Vs. Isolate – Full-spectrum CBD products are made using the entire plant. They include other beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, essential oils, and nutrients. It’s believed that the effects of the CBD are boosted when combined with all these plant compounds. This is known as the ‘entourage effect.’ CBD isolate products are pure CBD without any of the other beneficial compounds. 
  1. Laboratory Reports – Good CBD companies aren’t afraid to back up their claims with independent third-party laboratory results. These results will confirm how much CBD is in the CBD product as well as that the products are free from heavy metals, toxins, and mycotoxins such as mold and mildew. 

While buying any CBD products can be intimidating at first, with the knowledge which we have provided above, you’ll be ready to make the right purchase. 

One thought on “What Makes A Good CBD Product?

  1. Mae says:

    Are CBD products regulated by the FDA in every state that it is legal in? I’m not well informed on the technicalities about CBD as I am still getting more educated on it, would just want to know. I would want that before I try something like this I know what to buy and how to know what’s a good product. Thank you for the helpful information on CBD matters, very much appreciated.

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