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At Oilpha, we’re committed to producing artisan CBD products that are second-to-none and ahead-of-the-curve. We’ve meticulously crafted a wide-range of groundbreaking CBD products that are perfectly suited for any occasion. 

Before it became a trend, we were one of the leading CBD brands to incorporate nanotechnology into our CBD products. Nanotechnology allows us to break down our cannabinoids further, which enhances the bioavailability of CBD (and all other cannabinoids) significantly. With Oilpha, you’ll pay less for more  thanks to our Nano CBD products.

Drop for drop, our CBD product line is crafted from organic hemp plants that are grown with love. We monitor and participate in every aspect of the production process, from the planting of CBD-rich hemp seeds to extracting raw CBD oil from our CO2 extraction machine. 

Our dedication doesn’t stop once we’ve harvested our crop and extracted each cannabinoid from the harvest. Instead, we forge on to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you expect: chemical-free CBD products that contain pinpoint servings per container. 

We’re committed to lab-testing each and every batch to provide you with a visible layer of trust. Each of our CBD products is equipped with a scannable QR-code, which allows you to quickly check the lab results – then and there. 

Our Landmark CBD Products

Our core product range consists of Premium CBD oil, Nano Freeze CBD, Broad-Spectrum Nano CBD Softgels, Nano CBD Oil (Melatonin), and Nano CBD Oil (Tropical). 

Our flagship CBD product, Premium CBD Oil, is a full-spectrum powerhouse of relief. You’ll find this product in two varieties – refreshing mint or all-natural hemp. 

If you’re searching for an ultra-fast acting CBD oil with a fruit-packed twist – then Oilpha’s Nano CBD Oil (Tropical) is waiting for you amidst swaying palm trees on the beach. 

If you don’t wish to indulge in any amount of THC, then our Broad-Spectrum Nano CBD Softgels are THC-free and ready to give you the support you need in the convenience of a pill.

For those of you that toss, turn, and can’t get a good night’s rest – then our Nano CBD Oil infused with Melatonin is here to have you getting your Z’s on. Cuddle up with our Nano CBD Oil (Melatonin) to get the sleep you deserve.

Lastly, if you prefer the fast-acting relief of a lotion that you can apply at a moment’s notice, then look no further than our Nano Freeze CBD Topical.

Always Strive For Perfection

Although we understand that attaining absolute perfection is nearly impossible – we’re pretty darn close. By working with the best hemp cultivators, extraction equipment, and compliance-minded lab technicians – we’ve created the best CBD products available. 

Our research and development team is always working on new and exciting CBD products that will help you live the life you want. Don’t let mental or physical issues hold you back, and with Oilpha at your side, you’ll always find the support you need.