CBD Products – How to Know Your Getting the Real Deal

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CBD has gained widespread popularity and acceptance in recent years. This fast-paced recognition is widely attributed to the long list of health benefits users – and supportive researches – attribute to the cannabis extract.

Manufacturers are actively leveraging on increasing CBD awareness. Today, the CBD market is flooded with products from an endless list of producers – making it difficult to identify quality among the pile of craps packaged as “CBD Products” 

No worries, though. Before you purchase a CBD product, here’s a handy checklist:

Check product label

First, do well to double-check your CBD product for CBD and THC concentrations. 

If the information on the COA aligns with the product-label’s, that’s a good sign. Inaccurate labeling is one major problem among CBD producers. 

A finding says barely 31 percent of cannabidiol products are accurately labeled.

Following a critical analysis of 84 different CBD products sold on different online dispensaries, researchers discovered that, approximately 43% of CBD products are more concentrated than they claim, while about 26% are less concentrated.

Consider hemp-derived products 

The hemp plant is widely preferred over marijuana for CBD production. This is because the former produces a significantly lower level of THC and higher CBD. Hence, it is though perfect for pure CBD oil extraction. 

Although still low, THC content in hemp may still be significant enough to cause a high if wrongly processed. 

Ideally, your CBD product should not contain above 0.3% THC level. So, you may want to check the label or request a lab test before you make a purchase.

See third-party lab result

Reputable CBD producers will gladly offer third-party lab tests result. Many CBD products fail this test. 

Third-party labs are established to ensure CBD products are all they claim. Products with high CBD level, low THC, and without harmful impurities will most likely pass this test – these are generally recommended specifications.

Don’t ask for just any test, demand a most recent one.

Some dispensaries display this on their website and/or product label. You can ask for assistance from their customer support if you don’t find this information. 

Prefer broad spectrum CBD products 

During your search for a product, you’ll likely come across two key variants – CBD isolates and Broad Spectrum. 

As the name suggests, CBD isolates are finely extracted to ‘isolate’ CBD compound from the other over-hundred cannabinoids in cannabis. 

Although isolated CBD oils work, they perform better in synergy with other cannabinoids. This ‘joint effort’ is commonly termed the “Entourage effect” typically gained from Broad Spectrum CBD.

Broad-spectrum products contain CBD plus over a hundred other cannabinoids – Except the dreaded THC. 

Besides, they contain over 30 terpenes, including eucalyptol, geraniol, linalool, and myrcene, as well as glycerin, flavonoids, omega fatty acids, and amino acids. 

Broad-spectrum supplies all the ‘goodies’ in the cannabis plant, save THC. Yes, everything – except the high.

Confirm CBD source

If in doubt, insist on US-made CBD products. This ensures the product you wish to buy is Farm Bill Compliant.

IF the producer sources their product from within the United States, the chances of it being substandard is grossly low.

Consider your state laws

Many states have become lenient about CBD and tilting towards complete legalization. 

With that said research what your state law says about your preferred product.

Patronize trusted suppliers 

Being a relatively new industry, there are truckloads of misleading information about CBD online – and offline. 

Sadly, the relative ease in buying CBD products has become a concern. One can easily purchase these products in bulk, rebrand, and claim producer-ship

So when buying, if the seller is unable to provide concrete information on their products, steer clear. You may also check out product reviews to see users’ experience with the product. 


The CBD market is stuffed with many fly-by-night manufacturers and products with phony claims. 

Before you buy your next natural CBD oil, have this guide handy for a checklist, and avoid post-purchase regrets.





2 thoughts on “CBD Products – How to Know Your Getting the Real Deal

  1. Trevor says:

    That’s what I’m afraid of, if I fall for phony claims and waste my money on a CBD product that’s substantial. I’m making the effort to read more on this so I know I’m getting the real deal. This handy checklist would definitely be my go to reference when I make a purchase on CBD products. More power Oilpha!

  2. oilpha says:

    The main thing you should look at is the ingredients and also is third party lab tests. Make sure the lab results match the claims made by the CBD Brand. Thats just a small tip to keep in mind so you know you getting real deal cbd.

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