At Oilpha, we’re committed to providing lab-tested, high-quality, and artisan-crafted CBD oil that’s derived from hemp. Through extensive research and development, we’re confident that our CBD oil is unlike any other. We created Oilpha to give back to the world that’s given us so much, all with the help of cannabidiol.

Our story

Our Journey

When it comes to life’s curveballs – we’re well acquainted. Our journey began when our newborn daughter’s health declined and required medical attention. After a series of traditional treatments, our daughter developed a neurological tic. It was from this point that we began our search for a potential supplement that didn’t subscribe to Western medicine.

We found exactly what we were searching for in cannabidiol. CBD is a beneficial compound that’s derived from hemp, which contains only trace amounts of THC. Although we’re confident that our hemp producers only use low THC hemp varieties, we utilize third-party laboratories to ensure that each of our products contains less than 0.3% THC.

It was our proprietary CBD oil that supported our daughter through many difficult days. After seeing the capability that CBD has to offer, we immediately wanted to share the wealth with anyone seeking assistance through cannabidiol.

Decades of experience

At Oilpha, we guarantee that each of our CBD products is filled to the brim with cannabidiol. We’ve gone through great lengths to ensure that our CBD products are free from THC. It’s our promise to you that our products contain the exact amount of CBD as advertised.

Our mission

Our passion

Aside from our dedication to safety, we offer one of the highest amounts of CBD per serving. At 25mg CBD per serving, we aim to give our clients quality and quantity.

Our passion